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About our courses


We no longer sell gift vouchers unless the present is for a pottery member

This amazing view from the pottery gave us a real head start in creating a place where our customers can relax, play, and learn! 

We hope that what we offer at the pottery will cater for all - from one-off taster sessions or painting on ready-made items - right through to the option of becoming one of our Associates and using the studio regularly for private projects. And we also take bookings for one to one lessons (both handbuilding and on the wheel), group events, independent projects and to use our wheels!

We don't want to be prescriptive about what you can do at the pottery as the best creativity comes when you follow your heart - so we hope the information below will spark off ideas for members to discuss with us.

Click here for our courses leaflet.

Just phone, email or facebook message to discuss and/or book. Sessions are available after 11am, and at evenings and weekends.


Pottery Courses

Maybe you really enjoyed your taster session, or maybe you just know you want more! Booking onto one of our courses will allow you to learn the basics and develop your projects over time. We can offer evening and weekend sessions as well as daytime after 11am. Each class lasts one hour - but please allow a little time extra time in case things run over. Just phone or email or message us to book a timetable that suits you.
We offer four three-session courses with the third lesson of each course being glazing. We have planned it so that the final session of every course is glazing so you will always end a course with finished ceramics and no obligation to book more courses.  You can however book individual lessons if you prefer.

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Hand-building courses

Beginners Course One (Handbuilding)
Learn the basics in three lessons! Lessons one and two will concentrate on the use of moulds, and making texture. If you haven't done our handbuilding taster we'll also make sure you learn to stick embellishments on using the score and slip method. You’ll also gain an understanding of clay shrinkage and the stages clay goes through while it dries. Lesson three takes place at least a fortnight after lesson two so that the clay has had time to dry and go into the kiln. This is because lesson three is an opportunity to glaze everything you have made, practice your brush-on glazing skills and be introduced to basic kiln management. It is fine to book this course as a stand-alone.

Beginners Course Two (Handbuilding)
These three lessons will build on what you did in Course One and you will learn to use leather-hard clay. When clay is at this stage it is stiff so you don't need to rely on moulds to hold the clay in shape. You will have the opportunity to construct with leather-hard clay and use templates to build interesting forms. The final lesson, as always, will take place at least a fortnight after lesson two so that you can glaze what you have made.

Intermediate Course Three (Hand-building)
If you have enjoyed our beginners courses you may feel ready to book "studio time" to work on your own hand-building projects. However, if you've enjoyed he lessons there are still a few more things to learn!   Although a certain level of knowledge will be assumed at the intermediate level you will have the opportunity to revisit the skills learned on the beginners courses and in lesson one you will revisit leather-hard clay and make a lidded box.  Lesson two is an opportunity to try your hand at using an extruder to make a coil pot.  These will be interesting objects to glaze in lesson three. 

Intermediate Course Four (Handbuilding)
There are just two more lessons to complete the set - firstly pinchpots which can be shaped and decorated in so many ways, and then in lesson two the fun of handbuilding on the wheel with drape moulds.   The glazing lesson gives you the opportunity to have a go at using transfers.

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If you have a particular project in mind but don't feel confident to approach it without support, you can book a lesson and have Lyida's support to work to your goal.

And finally... one additional lesson for the serious!
Kiln and Clay Management are not the most exciting part of a potter's life but if you are planning to take your ceramic hobby to the next level you might want to book a studio management tutorial.  Lydia has a lot of experience due to running the pottery but can only teach this at beginner level.  She can teach you enough to get started if you've just bought a kiln or set up your own studio at home.

Click here for handbuilding lessons leaflet

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Booking options
It's better to discuss dates with us before you pay as we are quite busy. Phone, email or message us on facebook to discuss booking courses. We are able to arrange sessions on weekdays after 11am, in the evening and at weekends. The buttons below are to pay (for one or two people) for our most popular course lengths. Alternatively you can pay over the phone by card, or with cash or card when you come to the studio. Classes can take place weekly, fortnightly, or at a pace that suits you (if it fits into our diary!). Pay for a group on our Parties and Groups Page.

Pay for classes when you come to the Studio or pay in advance by Card or PayPal

If you want to pay for a course in instalments (eg for each class on the day) that's fine - your commitment to a series of classes and promise to attend and pay as agreed is all that is needed.

The prices below are for one person.

* Pay by PayPal by choosing from the options below and then clicking "add to cart".

Per person for pottery courses

* Or to pay by card, choose the appropriate button below and it will take you to the payment page.


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Most people choose to come for weekly lessons, but courses can take place on a fortnightly, or even monthly, basis if you prefer. We really like to make things work on an individual basis so please talk to us if you have requests or questions. You can book by card over the phone, use the buttons on this website, or pay with a card or cash when you come to the studio.

All our classes last an hour, although you should put aside 90mins incase we run over! 

Please note we no longer offer wheel lessons.

The prices below are per person if two people are coming to classes together.

* Pay by PayPal by choosing from the options below and then clicking "add to cart". The price is per person, so just change the quantity of courses bought to 2 if you are paying for both of you.

Per person for pairs courses

* Or to pay by card, choose the appropriate button below and it will take you to the payment page. Buy two if you are paying for both people.


Have a look at our Parties and Groups Page to book courses for three or more people.

Throwing Course Case Study: Hannah Bryce

One of our customers, Hannah, came for a six week wheel throwing course and gifted us with a case study to show what she did! Hannah was unusual in that she came for lessons because she wanted to learn to make pots to sell. You can click on the picture to look at Hannah's instagram page to see her progress. During the course she bought her own wheel which speeded up her progress but Hannah started her pottery-throwing journey knowing nothing about ceramics and, as with many of our customers, we have loved seeing her skills develop. Well done Hannah!

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Here is Hannah's Case Study.


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